Shaolin Lian Huan Quan - Explosive Power & Training Tips

During our live stream training session with our members this Wednesday some very valuable points came up about how to make your Lian Huan Quan (Continuous Fist) training even better, I thought it will be a good idea to share with you here.


Tip 1: How to use the right power in Shaolin Kung Fu Training - Horse vs Bull Power

One of the key to make your Lian Huan Quan shine is the use of power, in Shaolin Kung Fu training the use of explosive power is important, if you can perform your form with fluidity with the right use of power you can take it up to a different level. You want aim to use ‘horse power’ in Shaolin form (taolu) training and not ‘bull’ power, bare this in mind when you train forms it will help to direct you to generate the right power.

Tip 2: Application of form in real life

Remember when we are learning the movements during form training, we want to learn the movement precisely to get all the details into our system, but the goal is to learn the form so well that you absorb the details in to your body, the movements become your’s and when you apply in real life it becomes ALIVE, then you can naturally adjust the movements to use for different situations.

Tip 3: General advice for traditional Kung Fu Training

Kung fu training is an form of art, there is so many rich layers to training a form, the movement may seem simple from the outset, but the intricate details of how you use power, speed, coordination, breath, the alignment of the the body, mind and heart is where the key to great martial art lies, and the more you train each form the more you can understand the different layers of the form, getting deeper and deeper into to each form reaching it’s hidden treasure, that only through training you can get to.

I hope you can find joy in the process of finding these great treasures from martial art form training, keep exploring…...

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