Shaolin Arm & Body Conditioning Training

This week we look at a classic Shaolin training, the arm & body conditioning. Put in simple term, the aim of body conditioning training in traditional kung fu is to build up your body’s natural ability to resist external forces (抗击打能力), so when circumstances arise your body is trained to defend naturally. Also body conditioning in it’s self is a great training to do in that it enhances your body’s strength and power and overall state.


The key stances used in this training is Mabu (Horse Riding stance) and Gong Bu (Bow Stance) .

The Key to remember in this training is:

  1. Fluidity of movement and Qi (internal power)

  2. The main focus use of power is the body, the body move first then naturally it leads the power to the arms.

You can have fun with this training at home with a training partner or if you can’t find a partner, tree trunks are great tool to use to help you with your training.

We hope you find this tutorial helpful.