2019 KungFu.Life Family's New Year’s Resolution

Happy 2019 everyone! Time flies so quickly, in an blink of an eye 2018 closed the door on us, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations have come to an end, it feels a little bit sad that the magical time of Christmas and new year has officially ended (we took out our Christmas tree yesterday), but at the same time it also feels refreshing and exciting to start a brand new year with the weight of 2018 behind us.

For us after having a rest over the Christmas break we actually feel more ‘alive’ and more inspired to come back to KungFu.Life work. For the past few years we’ve been constantly feeling guilty about having rests and taking time off from KungFu.Life work as we had the constant obligation on us to make things work and not make our KungFu.Life dream go under, together with new parenting responsibilities we were in a constant fighting mode, this led to stagnation of inspiration, stagnation of progress, making what we love to do becoming a burden.

This year, we want to live a little lighter, we want respark our imagination and inspiration, we want to create great contents for our members and followers, contents that we also enjoy the making process of, contents that we love and are proud of. We know that it is only when we love the content creation process ourselves that we can spread that joy to you as well.

The year stated well with our New Year’s ‘ YouTube Video 5 Elements Regeneration Kung Fu Workout, we loved the video making process; We really enjoyed the day out, the universe gave us the perfect backdrop to film, with misty clouds flowing around the wicklow mountains, we felt like we were walking in the clouds, it was just mesmerizingly beautiful; we also enjoyed the editing process and loved the end result. This has set a good bar for us in terms of contents creation for this year (Thank you to Lukas for lending us your camera to film the video, it made all the difference in the quality of the video), we would like to keep the good flow going and bring you more good contents whether that is in terms of YouTube videos or online courses.


What we thought we’d do this year is share with you our new year’s resolution for 2019 and see how we do by the end of year, here are the things we would like to achieve this year:

  • Upgrade our filming equipments when resources allows so that we can bring you better quality videos.

  • Introduce more inspiring, fun and interesting YouTube series (We had really great meeting with our crazy Kungfu.Life clan member, Grant, this weekend, so many great YouTube video ideas came up we are really excited start to work on them soon).

  • Start Monthly Live YouTube sessions with our YouTube followers.

  • Continue with our weekly Live training sessions with our course members

  • Of course, our yearly Summer Camp will take place as usual in Jul/ Aug (Dates will be confirmed).

  • Aim to release at least 8 online courses this year, our focus will always be on presenting you with great contents, contents we treasure ourselves, we can never release something that we are not happy with ourselves, but we would like to keep the momentum of releasing good quality online courses at a faster pace this year.

  • Share more blog post on KungFu.Life website, share more about things like our online course making process, youtube videos making behind the scenes etc.

  • In terms of family, we would like to go out to nature more together as a family, we are blessed to be living in the Wicklow mountains, this year we would like to explore the area around where we live more.

  • Introduce more rest, recreation time. This year we would like to put more emphasis on this, as from experience we know it is that only when we are well rested and when we are having fun that we can create more ‘magic’ in our KungFu.Life work.

We hope we can keep on track with the intentions we’ve set out and don’t get lost in in everyday busyness and loose direction as the year progresses.

We hope you have a beautiful 2019 as well, hope that at lease one of your dreams come true, may 2019 be a happy, healthy and prosperous year for us all!

With love,

KungFu.Life Family

Lila WongComment