How to Jump Higher in Shaolin Kung Fu


Here Shifu Yan Xin (34th Generation Shaolin Disciple) share with us his tips on how to jump high in kung Fu.

The key to achieve higher jumps is to train your body to be more Agile and Light, so here Shifu Yan Xin shares with us some of his personal tips on some simple movements we can train at home that can help us to make our body more agile and light and achieve higher jumps.

8 simple TIPS to train for body agility and lightness:

  1. Running on the spot - to train your body to shift weight between the movements of legs and train your Qi to hold your body in the air.

  2. Jumping on a stairs - Landing on your toes, keep your body weight near the central or towards the front.

  3. Double Leg jumping on the stairs - Start off with jumping with knees slightly bent and after a little practice aim to jump with legs straight.

  4. Knee High Jump (One of Shifu’s favourite movements) - To build up body lightness, the goal is to jump up as high and as light as possible, with your knee as close to your body as possible.

  5. Core Training - this will help with the above Knee High Jump exercise, the stronger your core the better it can hold your legs and arms and body compact together, allowing to lift higher off from the ground . So simple sit up as well as reverse sit ups on the back will help.

  6. Jumping left and Right - Adds this to your training when your have mastered the above movements.

  7. Imagining you are a basket player trying to reach the basket - giving you the extra metal push to jump higher.

  8. Using your breath/ Qi to help - Keep you breath/ qi in your upper body and not letting it dropping down to your legs.

Watch the video to learn in more detail about how to train the above tips, one thing to remember that the movements are simple in it’s self in that everybody can do it, but the KEY and the DIFFICULT part is to keep up with consistent training, and when these consistent training adding up little -by-little, day-by-day that one day you will suddenly notice a dramatic improvement in your jump.

Hope you find these tips helpful, good luck with Training!

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