Drunken Master | Drunken Steps - Tutorial

As we’ve just released our course on the Drunken Fist, I thought it will be a great idea to do s small tutorial on the Drunken steps. The Drunken steps is the foundation to the Drunken step as all movements stems from the Drunken Steps, such as Drunken steps and Butterfly Kick, Drunken Steps and Tornado kick, Drunken Steps and Kick Up.

So the Drunken Steps is the foundation to good Drunken Master Style. It is quite simple technique to train I explain how you train for this in the video below, also the combat application of the Drunken Steps is also explained in the video. Hope you enjoy training.

If you interested in our Full Drunken Master Training Course you can find more information here:

Lila Wong