Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to train Kick Up (Fish Flip Kick)

With the release of our Drunken Master| Drunken Fist course, one of the movement in the course that has caught our attention is the Kick Up, or know in Chinese as the Fish Flip Kick (鲤鱼打挺). As there is a lot of ground work in the Drunken Fist, so the Kick Up is used to connect the movements from the ground to standing movements, such us using Kick up to connect to Drunken Steps. 

So in today’s entry I would like to share with you what I think the best way is to train this movement. 



First of all, a little bit about the Kick Up, this is not only a cool movement on it’s own, it is also a great movement that can train your body coordination and agility, this can be used in self defence situation as well (which I have demonstrated in the video below).

I have separated Kick Up in to 4 Parts to learn and train, if you follow these steps and train in your own time, you will be able to perform the kick Up to the best of your abilities.

Before you begin training please ensure you are warmed-up properly and have found yourself safe spot to train on. What I recommend is to train on soft surface such as the grass, a mattress or gymnastic mats.

The 4 Key parts to training the Kick Up:

  1. Swing Your Leg to Generate Power

  2. The Importance of Landing Position and kicking up at 45 degrees

  3. Core and Head Strengthening

  4. Doing the Kick Up

After you have trained the above 3 movements at least 20 times each then you aim to put the movement together in a set of 20 by trying to kick up 20 times. It is important that you train the 3 sections first before you trying to go straight into trying to do the kick up as this will ensure you get each part right

In this video I show you how to train the Kick Up using the above method in details :

To help you with your training at home I have prepared this raining manual on the Kick Up, which you can download and printout to guide you with training.

Hope these tips helps, all the best of luck with training!

Lila Wong