Drunken Master | Fist - Putting together a Short Form

"Seems Drunk, But Not Drunk, Body is Drunk, but Mind Not Drunk“

是醉非醉, 行醉意不醉

So in the past few weeks I shared with you some interesting elements of the Drunken Fist form that I have released for our online course members. They were:

  1. Drunken Steps

  2. Training The Kick Up

  3. The Butterfly Kick

  4. The Mighty Horse Kick, Tornado Kick, Lifting the Barrel, Hero’s Pride.

So you might have been wondering what can I do with theses individual sessions/ movements? If I told you that you already possess the key elements to perform a short form of Drunken Fist will you believe me?


So in the video above I will show that how you can put together what I have taught you in to a mini Drunken Master Form. Training the movement is one part to a great Drunken Master Style, mastering the emotions is another. Once you do the form it is important to understand how to enter in to the optimal state for Drunken Fist.

The mantra for performing the Drunken Fist is:

"Seems Drunk, But Not Drunk, Body is Drunk, but Mind Not Drunk“

是醉非醉, 行醉意不醉

The idea of the above is to find the state between drunk and awake, where from the outset you seem drunk but you are actually clear and in control of what you are doing, finding that state where your mind and body is relaxed and you are in a happy mode where you can unleash your power more.

Hope you enjoy training this mini version of Drunken Fist, to help you with your training I have put together a training guide where you can find the key linking parts to this short but impactful Drunken Fist. You just need to enter your email in the below box to get the guide sent to you.

If you like to dig deeper and learn the full version of the Drunken Fist you can find the full Training courses here: https://courses.kungfu.life/courses/drunken-fist

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Lila Wong