Weekly Live Trainings

Shifu Yan Xin currently runs weekly live training sessions for all of our course members, all you need is to have access to YouTube and you will be able to join in the live training at the scheduled times. Shifu Yan Xin will try to address some questions you may have from the online courses as well as take you through a 45 minutes live training session. These live training sessions are only accessible exclusively to our course members.


Upcoming Live Trainings

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Date: January 2019

Recommendations for Training: This is a preparation training session for the Drunken Fist Form that is releasing soon, so all is welcome to join.

The Shaolin Foundation Stances Training and the Arm & Shoulder Course are all good preparation courses to do for this live session, as there is a lot of stance work and body and arm work in this form.


Date: Wednesday 12 December (19:00 GMT)

Recommendations for Training: To get the most out of this training session, it is best to have done the Shaolin Staff Foundations course.

You will receive the Password to our LIVE Training Sessions via your course registration EMAIL every month.



FQA about Live Training

  1. Who can join

    Any course member (either you have purchased a course from us or is an annual member with our ALL-ACCESS Pass.)

  2. how to take part

    You can find the PASSWORD to the Live Training Sessions in your EMAIL address every month (This would be the Email you used to register for the courses).

  3. Do I need to register?

    No, just be prepared and be there at the scheduled time.

  4. wHAT DO i need to join the training?

    A device (either a computer, laptop, tablet or phone) and good access to the internet and YouTube.

  5. How should i prepare

    be ready in your training gear, have safe space around you, have a bottle of water and you’re ready to go. For some live training sessions it is recommended to have completed certain course(s) to get the most benefit out of the training, so do follow the recommendations.

  6. Will anybody else be able to see me during the training?

    No, everybody will be able to see Shifu Yan Xin, but no body (including Shifu) can see you, so your privacy is protected.

  7. will i be able to ask questions during the training

    All the live sessions are very active training sessions so you will be moving most of the time, but if you do get the chance and want to ask any questions you are welcome to, although Shifu may not be able to answer ALL questions during the training, he will try his best to address some common questions and will take in consideration any other questions asked later on whether that is addressing the questions by making a course, a YouTube video or another training session on a topic if its highly demanded.

  8. If I’m not a course member can i join?

    Unfortunately not. As the live training is designed to compliment the learning of our course members, so you will only get the most out of the training if you have trained with our courses otherwise it will be difficult to follow the live training.

  9. how do i become a course member?

    You just need to start training with Shifu Yan Xin by following his online courses whether as a single course member or an All-Access Pass member. As long as you are a course member you can join in the live training sessions.