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Hello, thank you for stopping by and taking out some of your precious time to spend with us here, we are very happy to see you here.

We are the KungFu.Life family; Shifu Yan Xin, he is our teacher and father, my self, Lila, a mother and I help to look after the back-end of KungFu.Life, lastly Dawson, the youngest member of the family, he is our little supporter, gives us joy, laughter and inspiration. 

We founded KungFu.Life back in 2015 with the dream of sharing our passion for kung fu and life with the world. During these few years we moved to a new country (from the UK to Ireland), started KungFu.Life and Dawson came into our lives, so we had more than a handful to juggle around with, although damn hard at times but we have enjoyed the every moment of the journey.

Along the way we are very grateful for all the helping hands we have had,  we would like to especially pay our gratitude to Andrew Hill, who has helped us to build the first KungFu.Life website, it is an important stepping stone to where we are today, so thank you Andrew! 


We would also like to say a BIG Thank you to our students and followers from all over the world, thank you for your support over the past few years, with out you we will not be where we are today.  

Now we feel we are entering into the next phase of KungFu.Life, during this new stage we would love to continue sharing with you our passion for kungfu and life, we hope to create better contents and online courses and bring a little bit of joy, inspiration and positive energy to our community. 

We are truly grateful to have you along with us on this journey, we shall see you  soon!


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KungFu.Life Family


Shifu Yan Xin



Shifu Yan Xin was  8 years old, he had a dream to become a great martial artist, he had so much energy, he was the 'naughty' boy in his village, he was fighting with friends all the time, jumping off walls pretending he was a ninja, he constantly pestered his parents to send him to the Shaolin Temple to train martial arts, his parents said to him at the time; " do you know how hard it is to train kung fu, are you willing to put up with the hardship? are you afraid? are you prepared to be away from home for the long term?" The young shifu answered without hesitation at the time "no, I'm not afraid, I want to go." His parents finally gave in and sent him to a kung fu school (Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School) near the Shaolin Temple. Luckily, after few years of training at the school, as one of the top few performing students, Shifu Yan Xin was privileged enough to be selected to go into the Shaolin Temple, he then became a 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Disciple.  

Shifu Yan Xin first began teaching martial arts at the Shaolin Temple where he was proud to pass on his knowledge to the younger generation monks. In 1999 and 2000 Shifu Yan Xin was honoured to act as the team leader and led a troupe of Shaolin Monks to perform in the Shaolin Wheel of Life world Tour. During these two years Master Yan Xin enjoyed promoting Shaolin Culture and kung fu to worldwide audiences. In 2001 Shifu Yan Xin started to teach students in England, where shared his knowledge and skill to students in Bournemouth, Southampton, Bristol and London. Now Shifu Yan Xin resides in the Wicklow Mountains, Ireland with his family  and continues with his passion for kung fu teaching. 

From a lifetime of dedication to the training and teaching of kung fu, Shifu Yan Xin has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skill in the art of traditional kung fu. Shifu Yan Xin would love to share his in insight about kung fu and life with the world, not only training kung fu is a great skill to have, also it build good foundations for life, such as good foundation for health, energy, joy; furthermore you're building great qualities into your character like discipline, resilience, focus,calmness and confidence  to name a few, and these are great qualities to have in our every day lives.