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Tong Bei Quan

Tong Bei Quan is one of a very old style of martial arts, widely known in English as Through Back Fist or Through Arm Fist. The key idea of this form is to extend our arms through our back and link them together to use them as a powerful weapon.

5Days kung fu workout

A workout programme infused with ancient principles of Shaolin Kung Fu working on your internal strength (Stronger organs), physical strength (Stronger Body) and mental strength (Stronger Mind); energising your body, mind and sprit.

Shaolin foundation stances

A complete training programme using Master Yan Xin’s unique method (incorporating the key characteristics of traditional Shaolin Temple training with Master Yan Xin’s own training system) to bring out the best kung fu warrior in you


Upcoming Live Trainings


wed 24 Oct - shaolin Kung FU workout(45min)

Just be there and join the training. For this training session, any level can join. Ensure you are in comfortable training gear, including shoes, have a water bottle prepared, have a comfortable space around you then your ready to go.

Live - Kicks.png

thur 1 nov - Stretch and Shaolin Foundation Kicks (45min)

Recommendations for training: It is recommended that you have done at least the Shaolin Foundation Kicks Course , if you have done the Kung Fu Leg Stretch Course that would be even better.

Live - Stances.png

wed 7 Nov - Shaolin Foundation Stances (45min)

Recommendations for training: It is recommended that you have done at least the Shaolin Foundation Stances Course and the Kung Fu Leg Stretch Course to be able to follow the training.


 Courses in the Making


Tiger Form

One of the animal forms in Shaolin Kung Fu. The key is to understand the emotions of the Tiger and applying it when practicing the form. More information coming soon.

Drunken FIst

The mantra of the form is "seems drunk, but not drunk, body drunk but mind not drunk.' This is a fluid form with lots of body work, free flowing and powerful. More information coming soon.  

shaolin damo cane| walking stick

A everyday item like the walking stick can be a hidden weapon. Legend has that Damo (Bodhidharma) used his walking stick and created this form to defend against animal attacks when he was in the Shaolin mountains. 


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