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2019 Summer Retreat - Ireland


Come and Join Us

Come and train Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu like you would in China this summer in Ireland with Master Yan Xin (34th generation Shaolin Disciple). This year our KungFu.Life Summer Retreat is taking place again in the beautiful riverside stone cottagge estate near Dublin, Alensgrove by the River Liffey

During these 7 nights and 8 days you will not only experience authentic Shaolin Kung Fu training, you will also be able to experience the different layers of Chinese culture that is intrinsically intertwined with Kung Fu. 

This is a very special year for our Summer Retreat, it is the 5th Annual Summer Camp/ Retreat we are holding, it is also the first time where the summer retreat is held over a full week, so it is a very special year for various reasons. We look forward to celebrate this special year with those of you who will be joining us this Summer. 


Drunken Fist

Full Online Course- rELEASING ON 31 jULY 2019

Explore this amazing art of DRUNKEN FIST, become your own version of DRUNKEN MASTER.

“Seems drunk, but not drunk, Body Drunk, Mind not drunk”


Free Online Training Programs



An ancient Chinese Qi Gong designed for health and overall wellness, it has been practiced in China for nearly a thousand years. 

The benefit of this Qi Gong is it will help to remove blockages in the body, correct imbalances, enhance your energy and spirit, release emotions and stress.  A continued practice of this Qi Gong will allow your Qi to flow fluidly in your body and you will be able to see an overall improvement in you wellbeing.



An entry form to Shaolin kung fu, in the form you will be able to learn step-by-step the 5 Fundamental Stances of Shaolin Kung Fu and 3 Hand Techniques.

The is a complete training program with 7 Training sessions enabling even total beginners to learn authentic Shaolin Kung Fu in where ever you are in the world.


Latest Online Courses

xin shaolin tiger fist

Xin Tiger Fist

Through 5 week training sessions, Shifu Yan Xin will take you through step-by-step the KEY elements of a Shaolin Tiger Form, from entering into the Tiger emotions, to combat applications of the Tiger form.

Tong Bei Quan

Tong Bei Quan is one of a very old style of martial arts, widely known in English as Through Back Fist or Through Arm Fist. The key idea of this form is to extend our arms through our back and link them together to use them as a powerful weapon.

5Days kung fu workout

A workout programme infused with ancient principles of Shaolin Kung Fu working on your internal strength (Stronger organs), physical strength (Stronger Body) and mental strength (Stronger Mind); energising your body, mind and sprit.

Shaolin foundation stances

A complete training programme using Master Yan Xin’s unique method (incorporating the key characteristics of traditional Shaolin Temple training with Master Yan Xin’s own training system) to bring out the best kung fu warrior in you


Your Free Guide - 5 Days Total Wellness Shaolin Kung Fu Training Manual


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